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Blue/Gray Park

This park is located facing S. Sherman St., between E. Palm St. and E. Cypress St. with 8.2 acres which include a practice baseball field, basketball court, playground and storage building.  Newly renovated park includes: a new basketball court, passive recreation/picnicking area, a loop walking trail, a multi-purpose playing field and practice baseball areas.

Ceramics Studio

This facility is located in the old Scott’s Flower Shop building on Pine Street.  The operating hours are Monday & Wednesday’s 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and Tuesday & Thursday’s 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., with a large assortment of crafts to be made. 
229-426-5052  (more info)

Compton Park

This facility is located on the Fitzgerald High School Campus with a physical address of 802 W Cypress St.  There is 11 acres available in this neighborhood facility which has practice baseball fields and tennis courts situated on it at the present time.  Plans are being considered to redeveloping the practice baseball fields into multi-purpose soccer fields to maximize the use of this area.
229-426-5053  (more info)

Hunter School Park

This neighborhood park is located at the back of the Cotton Mill District with 6 acres and includes a playground at this time.

Legion Center/Boggus Park

These two parks are located across Lee St. from one another, with the physical address of 816 N. Main St.  There is 13 acres positioned here with many amenities spread across them, including: a lighted practice baseball field, swimming pool complex, picnic shelter, basketball court, playground, horseshoe pits, picnic tables and this is also where the main office of the D.L.S. is located.
Legion Pool Phone: 229-426-5051 (more info)

Lions Park

This park is located at 154 Perry House Road and is situated on 8.2 acres and includes 4 baseball fields, maintenance facility and a playground.

Monitor Park and Community Center

Located at 502 S. Monitor Dr., this facility, housed on 5 acres, includes a community center, after-school activity center, gymnasium, playground with two structures, a multi-purpose field with backstop, two outdoor basketball courts, two shelters, restroom and picnic tables.
Community Center Phone: 229-426-5056 (more info)

Palm Street Tennis Courts

This facility has 6 courts and one practice wall and is lighted for extended day occupation.

Paulk Park

This is our largest park, located at 363 Perry House Road, and is situated on 95 acres which houses two softball fields, one high school baseball field, one multi-purpose field for baseball, football and soccer, a concession /restroom building, two large fenced fields, wetland/natural area, lake, camper hook-ups, band shell, shelter and a maintenance building.  Located across the lake is the new Paulk R.V. Park with 25 new hook-ups
229-426-5054  (more info)

Wheeler Park

This park is located on 3rd St and has 6.9 acres and includes four practice baseball backstops, restroom facilities, playground all surrounded with a walking track.

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