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Home Administration
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City Administrator

302 East Central Avenue
Fitzgerald, GA 31750




The City Administrator provides leadership and support to the City of Fitzgerald activities and departments. It is the responsibility of this office to direct and supervise the administration of all departments, properties and day-to-day operations of the city in an efficient manner, subject to the general direction and control of the Mayor and Council. The City Administrator further serves as liaison between the Mayor and City Council and the general public.

Chief Finance Officer

Kathy Young
Kathy A Young
302 East Central Avenue
Fitzgerald, GA 31750

The Chief Finance Officer is responsible for the overall administration of the Finance Department and coordinates all financial activities for the City Administrator and Mayor of the City of Fitzgerald. The Finance Department plans, organizes, leads and monitors the activities of all the Cash services including but not limited to Cash Receipts, Accounts Payable, Financial Reporting, working with the Auditor(s), City investments, Budget and Capital Improvement and Revenue and Expenditure forecasting.

City Clerk

Cristina Evans
Cristina Evans
302 East Central Avenue
Fitzgerald, GA 31750

The City Clerk maintains all records of Mayor and City Council, such as minutes of Mayor and Council meetings, Code of Ordinances, Resolutions, City contracts, and Boards, Commissions and Authorities. The City Clerk also serves as the Election Secretary for the City of Fitzgerald.

Accounts Payable Clerk: Novella Dwight
Payroll / Insurance Clerk: Angie Windom
Assistant CFO: Christina Justice
Receptionist: Dana Luckie


Other services provided at the City Hall are:

  • Property Taxes
  • Business and Occupation Taxes
  • Accounts Payable
  • Employee Payroll and Insurance
Property Taxes

General Property taxes are as valorem taxes levied on and assessed valuation of real and /or personal property. City taxes are customarily mailed out in August or September of each year and are due and payable on or before December 20th. the current tax millage rate is 10.00 mills.

Business and Occupation Taxes

The City of Fitzgerald levies an occupation tax on every business operating in the City of Fitzgerald under the provisions of State Law O.C.G.A. & 48-13. The occupation tax is levied each calendar year upon all businesses and practitioners of professions with one or more locations in the City of Fitzgerald or upon out-of-State business that meet the requirement State law. The occupation tax levy is based on the number of employees of the business.

The City of Fitzgerald forwards a Business and Occupation Tax Application to all business on file in October of each year to be completed and returned with updated business information.

Annual renewals are due and payable on or before February 15th of each calendar year.

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