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Home Forms Building Department

Building Forms

Building Permits may be submitted via an online form or by downloading, printing and mailing. See form options below:

* Business owners or Contractors needing a commercial demolition permit, please contact Novella Dwight at 229.426.5063 to obtain an application

Submit your form online:

Download | Print | Mail
(PDF  files require Adobe Reader)

Building Department PDF Print E-mail
 Building Department

302 East Central Avenue
Fitzgerald, GA  31750
Fax: 229-426-5066
Contact via Email

Building Inspector:
Jamie Jordan
(Certified Residential Combination Inspector)

Administrative Clerk:
Whitney Justice

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:00 - 5:00
Closed for Lunch
12:00 - 1:00














Duties of the Building Department:
Issues and maintain permits for all residential and commercial buildings and remodeling projects within the city.

Performs field investigations and inspections to insure compliance with ICC Codes and local codes and ordinances.

Issues certificates of occupancies.

Citizens are responsible for obtaining appropriate permits from the Building Department prior to starting any construction or renovations on a building.


Any person(s) desiring to purchase a lot, grave site or memorial site within the City of Fitzgerald Evergreen Cemetery may do so by depositing with the City of Fitzgerald the full cost of the lot, grave site or memorial site selected.

The price to purchase a grave site is as follows:


Segraves Addition Phase I:

City Resident $325.00 per grave site 
Non-City Resident           $375.00 per grave site

Evergreen Cemetery (Old Site):

City Resident $325.00 per grave site  
Non-City Resident $375.00 per grave site  


The City of Fitzgerald requires a Burial Permit to be obtained by any party responsible for opening any grave location on any lot within the cemetery. The Burial Permit shall be obtained a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the opening.


Burial Permit fees are as follows:


City Resident
Non City Resident

An Installation Permit for the installation of any monument, bronze marker, comer marker, coping or any other improvement within the City cemetery must be obtain prior to the installation of such improvements. Only Licensed Monument Vendors and individual private owners will be granted an Installation permit.


Installation permits must be presented to the Cemetery Supervisor prior to beginning any work on the site.

Installation Permit: $25.00



Any person(s) having a yard sale within the city limits must obtain a Yard Sale Permit from the City of Fitzgerald. A permit will be issued for the cost of $5.00 and allows for three (3) consecutive days. Yard Sale permit is limited to two (2) per year, per individual and per location. Signs should not be posted on utility poles or on City property.

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