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Downtown Development & Historic Preservation PDF Print E-mail

"Any effort at revitalizing our downtown area must take root with the realization that it unquestionably must be done." - Alan Autry


Alesia Davis

Fitzgerald’s National Register Downtown Historic District features pedestrian friendly amenities including over 26 blocks of historic streetscape, the Grand Plaza Park, The Grand Theater and Conference Center, the Carnegie Center, The Stokoe-Davis Parking Garden, The Blue & Gray Museum, restored Courthouse, restored City Hall, Fire Engine Museum, Farmer’s Market; and an eclectic grouping of architecture, shops, eateries, and activities to please your palette.



Unique Shopping

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Fitzgerald offers a variety of unique shopping experiences.  Here are just a few ....
  Bella Rue Plaza `                    [ ... ]

Facade Program

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Fitzgerald Forever, Inc.
Facade Grant Program A grant program administered by the City of Fitzgerald through the non-profit corporation, Fitzgerald F [ ... ]

Business Opportunities

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For more information about business opportunities in Fitzgerald contact: Downtown Development Alesia Davis
116 N. Johnston Street

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