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The Carnegie Center PDF Print E-mail
"No man can become rich, without himself enriching others."
 - Andrew Carnegie



 Carnegie Center

The Carnegie Center is located in the historic Carnegie Library. It originally opened in 1915 as the Carnegie Library.  The newly renovated space boasts an upstairs meeting room gallery as well as the larger 1st floor gallery. The Fitzerald-Ben Hill Arts Council currently staffs the facility and maintains a rotating calendar of visual art shows as well as a monthly chamber music series.

The facility is available for parties and training events and meetings. The Carnegie can accommodate up to 100 people, depending on setup and is available at $3.00 per person. A small kitchen is available. The warm atmosphere is conducive to intimate meetings and programs for both business and private events.

For information contact:
Jon Durkovic

Physical Address:
116 South Lee Street
Mailing Address:
119 South Main Street
Fitzgerald, GA 31750


Fitzgerald Ben Hill Arts Council




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