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Home Economic Development
Economic Development PDF Print E-mail

In this economy two principles are certain, one, knowledge equals power; and two, current knowledge can become obsolete quickly. As a consequence, the successful businesses of tomorrow will be the knowledge-based companies that invest in the continuous education of their work force. They position themselves to react to change, to evolve and reinvent themselves in the face of market changes. Locating your business in our community gives you access to your most important asset, human capital.

In our case, we have one of the most dedicated work forces that you will find and technical assistance for your company from East Central Technical College, a partner with our community, our companies and work force. You will be happy with the proper environment and resources we have to promote continuous and lifelong learning, allowing the commercialization of technical, market information for economy development, and quality jobs.



Economic Development Overview

Economic Development History

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Fitzgerald, Georgia: An Economic Development Story “Of the top 25 companies at the turn of the century, only two are still in existence. Of [ ... ]

How did Fitzgerald do it?

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How did Fitzgerald gain its current stature? A survey of local business and industry captains yielded six common answers: Strategic Location Hard-Work [ ... ]

Local Companies

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Manufacturing, Construction, & Related Industries Provided by the
Fitzgerald-Ben Hill Chamber of Commerce
(229) 423-9357
(800) 225-7899  [ ... ]

Fitzgerald Agriculture

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 The Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County area has a strong and very diverse agricultural sector which coexists with a rapidly growing surbanesque populati [ ... ]

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