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Fitzgerald Police Department PDF Print E-mail

Fitzgerald Police Department


Chief Bill Smallwood

225 Appomattox Rd
Fitzgerald GA 31750

For non-emergencies, call (229) 426-5000.

For emergencies, call 911.

Consisting of 28 full-time, duly sworn officers, the Police Department serves as the main body of law enforcement in the city. There are also four support personnel and one court officer on staff. Headquarters, including the office of Chief Bill Smallwood, are located at 255 Appomattox Rd. The FPD occupies a precinct in the Roanoke Homes area and precinct in the Downtown area.



Public Safety

Fitzgerald Police Department

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Fitzgerald Police Department Chief Bill Smallwood 225 Appomattox Rd
Fitzgerald GA 31750 For non-emergencies, call (229) 426-5000. For eme [ ... ]

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Dorminy Medical Center

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Protective Services Overview

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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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Ben Hill County Health Department

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