Automobile Tags, Driver's License, Voter Registration

Automobile Tags:

Georgia tags must be purchased within 21 days of establishing residency. To purchase a tag, the following information is necessary:

  • Title of car OR name and complete mailing address of lienholder and date lien was created OR copy of lease agreement and power of attorney to transfer title to a Georgia title.
  • Current tag registration.
  • Valid insurance card.
  • Current mileage on the vehicle.

The cost of the tag is $20 plus an $18 title fee and ad valorem tax if moved by January 1 of the current year. Passenger cars/trucks with gross vehicle weight of less than 10,000 pounds and that are 1982 year models or earlier are not required to transfer a title. However, a title can be transferred, if desired, by the above provisions.

Tags are renewed from January 1 through May 1 of each year at the Tax Commissioner's Office in the Ben Hill County Courthouse at the corner of Sheridan Street and Central Avenue. (Mobile home decals are also renewable there during the same period.) For more information, please contact (229) 426-5144.

Driver's Licenses:

New residents must apply for a Georgia driver's license as well as turn in any out-of-state licenses within 30 days of establishing residency. (Declaration of residency occurs when one starts employment, purchases a home, enrolls children in school, or registers to vote.) A written test, eye test, and birth certificate are required when applying for a Georgia license. The fee is $15.00. First time applicants, as well as those with expired licenses (including out-of-state), must pass a driving test. For further information, please call the Georgia State Patrol Office (Tifton), Driver's License Division, 455 Fulwood Blvd., Tifton, Georgia 31794, (229) 386-3530.

Voter Registration:

All eligible citizens of Ben Hill County may register to vote at the offices of the Ben Hill County Board of Elections115 West Pine Street during normal business hours. When registering, please bring valid identification. For more information, please call (229) 426-5151.

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