Fitzgerald offers a range of eateries for every taste.  From down home southern cooking to Mexican, Italian and Chinese cuisine, you'll find a great meal.

We've compiled a list of restaurants available in our area.....


"I have never developed indigestion from eating my words."
~ Winston Churchill



 Nabila's Garden Restaurant
201 S Main St
(229) 423-0389
Continental Menu and buffet in historic downtown location.


ChinaSuper Buffet
246 Hwy 129 South
(229) 423-3118
The name speaks for itself. Over 100 items to choose from.

 Tom's Super Country Buffet
246 Hwy 129 South
A grand array of Southern specialties.


 Cirillo's Pizzeria
113 S Main St
(229) 622-0044
Authentic Pizzeria that is located in historic downtown.


Our Daily Bread
118 South Main
(229) 622-0141
Bakery & Cafe with homemade baked goods.


Rancho Grande
703 S Grant Street
(229) 423-2323
Delectable Mexican Specialties!


Johnnie's Drive-In
203 Hwy 129 South
(229) 423-3441
50's Style burgers and sandwiches.


 Bill's Place
302 W Sultana Drive
(229) 423-4850
Oldest true neighborhood tavern with pizza, subs, and mementos.


 Chicken Coop
201 South Sheriden Street
(229) 424-9117
Neighborhood friendly food by courthouse.


Main Garden
162 Hwy 129 South
(229) 424-9840
Chinese dining with generous buffet specialties.


121 Benjamin H Hill Drive SW
(229) 423-3013
Old fashioned hamburger and barbecue house  a Fitzgerald favorite for four generations.


Turkey Creek (website)
330 Ocilla Hwy
(229) 409-0926
Buffet style lunch, full menu dinner and lounge.

Have we missed your restaurant or do we need to update your information?  Please contact the Tourism Office at 229-426-5033 to update or share new information.