Points of Interest

Fitzgerald, Georgia...A unique planned city

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  • 1,000 acres of woodlands, selected in July of 1895 to become a new community for Civil War veterans-today still features the precision and charm of the Yank and Reb founders.

  • Check out the 258 identical-sized squares: from the beginning Fitzgerald featured four wards with four blocks in each and 16 squares in each block!

  • Four blocks were set aside for schools, 12 for parks and 36 for businesses and homes. Today, Fitzgerald exhibits the same pride in green space, education and fine living, as did the planners.

  • Each lot faces a street and an alley, and each of those ends in one of our "ship" streets, so named for Northern and Southern battleships.

  • All the streets within the big square were planned too! They're all named for Yank generals, Reb generals, regional trees and flowers and bodies of water.

  • Two avenues, each 120 feet wide, quarter the city, with parks extending their entire length.

  • A leisurely stroll or drive presents Northern and Southern architectural treasures, lovely plaza parks with lush plantings and placards about Yank and Reb generals. Fitzgerald's plan is unique among all American towns.