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 Fitzgerald (Images of America)

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Founded in 1896 by pension attorney P. H. Fitzgerald as a colony for Union veterans escaping the drought-stricken Midwest, Fitzgerald has built on the spirit of unity exhibited by its early Union and Confederate founders. The town produced such notable citizens as Gen. Ray Davis, assistant commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps; U.N. ambassador Morris Abram; author Frances Mayes; Chief Justice Norman Fletcher; and folk artist Ulysses Davis. The inherent sense of citizen investment in the community led Fitzgerald to be dubbed "the Recruiting Colossus from Nowhere" by the Wall Street Journal after some 40 industries choose Fitzgerald as home. This is a story of pioneer vision and migration, of hewing a town from pine barrens, and of the reuniting of America.

 About the Author

The Blue and Gray Museum chronicles the story of these entrepreneurial veterans and the town they established. Photographs from its collection and those of private citizens are paired with passages from the archives of the Herald-Leader, the museum, and the local library to give the pioneers a voice once more. Authors Cam M. Jordan and Sherri K. Butler are Blue and Gray board members. Jordan is the community development director for the city. Butler is a feature writer for the Herald-Leader.

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