Fitzgerald Redevelopment Program


Fitzgerald Redevelopment ProgramThe City of Fitzgerald Redevelopment Program


The City of Fitzgerald, Georgia was conceived by P.H. Fitzgerald, a Union pension attorney and publisher of the American Tribune which circulated to all Union veterans. After several unusually harsh winters and drought stricken summers, the Mid-West found itself at the mercy of relief trains from elsewhere in the country. Georgia, under then Governor Northen, was one of the most generous providers. Fitzgerald dreamt of a planned City in South Georgia where veterans of both sides of the Civil War could find a fresh start. With the purchase of 100,000 acres, his dream became reality. Starting in 1895, well before the 1896 incorporation, some 2400 families migrated to Fitzgerald, representing every state then in the Union. In short order, the original mile and a quarter square City grid was built out.


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Redevelopment Community Impact

Redevelopment Community ImpactRedevelopment community impact statistics. Click 'Read More' to view full chart.

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